How to open a shop on Tokopedia

How to open a shop on Tokopedia

When you enter an online store through an application, there will certainly be many people who trust you more. Because everything will be seen very clearly from the delivery service and can also be tracked to where the goods are sent via a shipping expedition. For those of you who want to register as a seller on Tokopedia for the first time, there is no need for a very easy method. There are no difficult things to prepare when opening Tokopedia, because all you need is


Melhoressitesdeapostasonline – With a smartphone, you can open an online store at Tokopedia easily and quickly. Of course, with more than enough internet quota, you will quickly access Tokopedia. Display via a smartphone is not much different from via a desktop, so you will certainly still understand how to operate it. Make sure the smartphone you have has a larger memory capacity, so it doesn’t slow down.

2.Download Tokopedia

By downloading the application through the Google Playstore, of course you can access in and out at any time. Downloading the Tokopedia application doesn’t take long, so after you download it, just register yourself. If you want to sell online at Tokopedia, make sure you download the Tokopedia seller, so you can easily monitor orders, upload products and more for sales on Tokopedia.

3.List of Account Owners

After downloading the application, you are required to register yourself first, by filling in your name, full address, phone number, e-mail address and password. Filling everything correctly means that you already have an account from Tokopedia. However, to become a seller, you must first verify your ID card when opening a shop. But if in the initial account creation, there will be a shop creation writing, then you can click on it and you will be taken to Tokopedia sales to download the application.

thorough preparation in selling online//tokopedia

It’s very easy if you want to open a shop on Tokopedia, it’s easy and fast. So that not a few people want to try their luck in selling online. When your online store is in Tokopedia, use this application as much as possible. Because by registering with 1 ID card, you will not be able to create a sales account at Tokopedia for several times. Another reason is that if you don’t use the Tokopedia application to the maximum, there will be no increase in sales.

If you have passed the Tokopedia application download then you just follow the recommended steps. By following the steps given from Tokopedia, you can do it very easily. No need to take a long time to open a shop on Tokopedia.

When you become a seller at Tokopedia you will be facilitated in several ways, such as:

– Shipping invoices

print the return address provided by Tokopedia. Of course, with something like that, you don’t need to write an address or anything else. All you need to do is print the sender’s address data only, after that it’s ready to be attached to the goods to be sent.

– Spread Link

When you open a store on Tokopedia, it matches the name of your store. Then you can share the link anywhere and with anyone.. By sharing the link, your store display on Tokopedia already looks very beautiful.

 – Sales report

someday when the shop gets busier. Of course you need more accurate data to serve as a sales report.

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