Plenty of fruit 20

Plenty of fruit 20 novomatic

Plenty of fruit 20 online games that have symbols of fresh and sweet fruit. Games that have fun themes with bright green colors will make you unable to move anymore. the base color will get you the value of a symbol that combines or it can be from the same symbol. The games presented by novomatic will continue to be developed into exciting and popular games in many circles.

The presence of the game plenty of fruit 20 is a game that will be liked by many gamers. How to play it is very easy so even experienced players play it. The form of the game that is present has 5 rolls and 3 rows with green colors around the game. Let’s win the game and get the payment value of 20 types of payments that gamers will get when they win the game.

Symbol description

Melhoressitesdeapostasonline – To find out the symbol values ​​and types of symbols, gamers can enter the game info. There are many types of information available in the game plenty of fruit 20. Here are the names of the symbols and their values:

– The number 7 is a wild symbol. A symbol that can replace any other symbol except the scatter. Wild also gives value when getting the same symbol with a sum of 3, 4, and 5: 100, 1,000, and 5,000

– The star is a scatter sign. A star that gives light and serenity. To get a high score gamers must find the same star in order to form a score. The amount that will be obtained is: 3, 4, and 5: 100, 500, and 2,500

– Bells 3, 4 and 5: 50, 200 and 500

– Fresh fruits with the same value and number of symbols will give gamers a winning value of 20, 50, and 200

From the description, the value of the number 7 is a symbol that has a high value of 5,000 times the value of the bet that gamers will get. As for the lowest value, it can be obtained from fruits with a value of 200x the value of the bet. In the plenty of fruit 20 game there is no such thing as free spins and bonus games, so gamers who play this game don’t give up even though there are no bonuses.

20 beautiful wins//Sweet

Play in additional games

Each symbol that manages to form a value will leave a fire that continues to burn to eat the symbol. Gives the impression of being hot enough that any symbol will burn while scoring for gamers.

If you want to increase the value and coins, gamers can place bets in additional games that have been provided by novomaticc in the plenty of fruit 20 game. To follow the rules of the game is very easy. Gamers only need to place bets and start playing. Win the game and get as much value as possible when you win.

Enjoy auto play

Guess the color behind the black or red card. Maintain the value of the gamer’s bet by guessing correctly. To play additional games, gamers can choose anytime gamers play. So it doesn’t have to be at the same time to play it. Enjoy this easy game by logging into game auto play.

In the game, the game will automatically move on its own so that gamers will have no difficulty and can win easily and quickly. No need to wait long because the rotation on the reels will spin fast. It will automatically stop until the credit value runs out.

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