Tales of darkness midnight heat is a thrilling and exciting game. There will be many murders that continue to occur so that many residents are afraid to go out at night. Many victims fell in the position of the victim losing a lot of blood. This of course makes the guts of the residents to shrink.

Losing a lot of blood is certainly a strange phenomenon isn’t it. But in the game tales of darkness midnight heat we will find the cause of the victim’s blood loss. Yes, vampires are blood-sucking creatures. They will come out at night and look for prey. The vampires do not know the gender of anyone who is in front of them will be directly attacked and eaten.

Beautiful woman

Melhoressitesdeapostasonline – This game developed by novomatic takes a story about vampire hunting. A successful film makes many people love the action and excitement in catching vampires. Seeing this success made novomatic venture into a vampire game. While playing the game Tales of Darkness Midnight Heat, gamers will see a beautiful woman dressed in red with the moonlight shining on her ready to welcome new prey.

The song in the game that gives the impression of being full of fear is able to make the surrounding area seem to be in the tales of darkness midnight heat. This 5 reel game will give gamers an unexpected win. The free type of win will give a lot of high points. To know what are the signs that can give victory as follows:

beautiful vampire approaching//Darkness

Game symbols

Beautiful vampire woman, moon bat, crow, vampire man, cup, wild, and remy cards [ A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9]. Each symbol has a different winning value. The wild sign is a sign that can replace all game symbols except the scatter. The scatter is in the bat moon symbol.

Every gamer manages to get 3 scatters, there will be an active wheel game. The wheel has 2 stacks of spins, the first in the level of the game and the second in the free spins. To be able to get free spins, gamers must be able to activate the wheel first.

Free spins that you get

The wheel will spin to determine the number of free spins that gamers will get. After getting the number of free spins, the inner wheel will also spin to determine the level of the game. The number of free spins that gamers will get are: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 free spins. Numbers that are placed are not in order or are placed randomly.

For the inner wheel or the second level of play there are values: 5-8, 6-9, and 7-10 as a sign of the speed level of the game. After determining the number of free spins and the game level the screen will widen or lengthen. Symbol will continue to rotate and get the same sign. There will be a line of fire that comes out to replace all symbols and continues until the free spin ends.

line fire

If during the free spins the reels don’t find the same sign, the fire line will continue to fall down and make the chance to win far away. But gamers don’t need to worry because when the fire line drops and changes reels and gets the same symbol over and over again, the line fire can be at the top again. The estimated victory will be obtained by gamers as much as 100 thousand coins.

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